Universal torque testing rig

Part No : SE – DCLB – 9K/ 28

Product Description :

Many miniature and micro DC Motors are used in aircraft for actuation of TRIM TABS of Control Surfaces and also spoilers/air brakes. These Motors operate at very high RPM. During periodic servicing it is to test the following :

Operation at 18V to 29V DC and measuring torque and rpm

Measuring Torque at various rpms in OZ/inch or gm/cm

Measuring rpm when loaded to deliver specified torque

Measuring over run. Typically a motor running at upwards of 20000 rpm should stop within 3 to 8 revolution ofter    power off.

Operation in CW & CCW.

Southern Electronics has designed a Universal Torque Testing Rig which carries out various tests as mentioned above on different types of motors used in CANBERRA, JAGUAR and KIRAN Aircraft.

Features :

RPM measurement using an optical sensor, a microcomputer and Digital Display of 5 digits.

Load Cells on either side for CW & CCW sense rotation checks, with associated computer controlled electronics, for    displaying load, duly altered to indicate torque,depending on 'arm' in use. This is done automatically.

An over run measurement device whereby, on power 'off' rpm indicator is automatically changed to a resolution    counter on its own display.

A micro computer automatically computes the torque in each case.

Different couplings to suit 8 to 10 motors are supplied with 'rig'.