Trim Switch – C5680-1

TRIM SWITCH - C5680-1 designed and developed by Integral Systems as a substitute to imported Part No. C5680-1. These switches are used on handle control column of SEA HARRIER AIRCRAFT for operating the trim actuators of tail plane and aileron controls.

The Switch is designed to meet BS 3G 100 specifications.

Electrical Specifications

Terminal Type Solder Type
Current Rating 1 A @ 28 VDC
Contact Resistance < 245mV @ 1A 28 VDC
Insulation Resistance > 0.5 MΩ VDC
Electrical Life 10,000 operations
Mechanical Life 10,000 operations
Operating Force 1200 gms max
Weight. 35 gms max.
Operating Temp 35 C to +70 C
Altitude Range. 20,000 ft

Material and Finish

Body Brass, Nickel Pltd
Actuator Stainless Steel [ SS-304 ]
Bush DAP 5562
Stator DAP 5562
Contacts Coin Silver; Be-Cu 0.12 thick – HMX grade
Terminal Brass – IS 319; 2-3μ Ni over 1μ Au
Plunger Bakelite [ F 105 ]
Sealing Splash Proof