Torch ignitor test bench

Part No : SE-TS-TI-8810263000-00

Product Description :

The Starting System of ARTOUSTE III-B turbine engine has many components working in unison to initiate supervise and complete the starting sequence from zero engine rpm to idling rpm. The Torch Ignitor is an important component which starts and sustains the flame within the Combustion chamber to specified parameters. This flame ignites the fuel Air mixture which is sustained for a specified interval. It enables the testing of Torch Ignitor.

Features :

The Torch Ignitor is supplied with fuel under pressure of 4 Bar by a Turbojet pump.

It is Ignited using Ignition Unit, which generates a very high voltage pulses to initiate    the spark.

The flame geometry is critical and fixtures are provided to check the flame generated    by the Torch Ignitor, so that its angle can be checked.