Test rig for low/high level Sensing Switch test rig

Part No : SE-TR-LLHL-SS-002384000224

Product Description :

Low level/high level sense switch test rig is designed for testing, troubleshooting, servicing and calibration of fuel low level sensed switch and fuel high level sensed switch.

Triple indicator (Ty.8385-09),

Collective pitch indicator (Ty: 843-38-1, 843-16-1A),

Position transmitter (Ty.1936-02/BA).

Part no. 238400000 & Part no. 238500000 for LCA

The triple indicator is used to measure the jet pipe temperature, engine oil temperature and engine oil pressure. The collective pitch indicator and position transmitter are used to measure the loading and state of the helicopter rotor.

Features :

It has programmable DC power supply and Insulation tester

It has digital oscilloscope and multimeter for measurement

Can be adopted to any aircraft