Test panel

Part No : Y – 589 – SE-TS-Y 589-01

Product Description :

Unit Y-589 is a modernized version of the Russian electrical test set part no. 63689/033. This unit can perform all test functions which the Russian original test set is capable of – test, troubleshoot, service and calibrate the gyro horizon -1. The panel Y-589, is part of PA-AGD-I test equipment (Pa-aG -i).

Load Bank (PART NO.: SE – DCLB – 9K/28 – 01) is specially designed for providing 15.5 kW load for testing the 9 kW DC Generators. An associated control unit (Part No.: SE – CP – DCLB – K/28 ) is used for selecting and operating the different loads in the DC load bank.

Features :

It has digital instruments for current and voltage

It has indigenous transmitting and receiving synchros

For most part internal wiring and external switches, indicators and connectors are    identical to the Russian test bench

Switches are provided to select and route individual phases to voltmeter/ammeter to    measure respective voltages/current