Test bench for Ratio meter

Part No : SE-TS-RM

Product Description :

The Test Bench for Ratio Meters can be used for bay servicing of any type of ratio meters and potentiometric transmitters. The Test Bench can also be used for over pressure tests on transmitters (such as oil pressure transmitters) to ensure that internal leaks on transmitters are detected and rectified. Ratio Meters are employed as cockpit indicating instruments for parameters such as Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Contents, Oil temperature etc. Potentiometric Transmitters are employed generally to drive ratio meter type indicating instruments.

Features :

Compressed air is used for activation of pressure transmitters.

When transmitter are combined with alarm generation circuitry, these too can be     tested as audio visual warnings are actuated by the alarm circuitry.

Design caters for testing of fuel tank probes.

Adapters can be provided to test any instrument working on ratio meter principle.