Test bench for Rate of Climb Indicator

Part No : SE-TS-ROCI

Product Description :

Test bench for rate of climb Indicator enables fault rectification, troubleshooting, calibration and periodic servicing of the Rate of Climb Indicator.

Features :

The test bench enables the following :

  • Leak at room temperature
  • Vacuum tests
  • Over pressure test
  • Calibration check

The vacuum chamber with two viewing ports is also supplied to simulate climbing or    driving conditions for the instrument

Precision controlled pressure regulators are incorporated to enable pressure build up

Specially designed micro-controlled based digital altimeter is a unique feature of this    test bench

A digital timer forms part of the altimeter to enable accurate time interval    measurements

Test bench caters to rates of climb up to 2000 feet per minute but can be modified to    suit higher performance Rates of Climb Indicators

Built-in safety features to ensure safety of UUT