Test bench for Pressure switches

Part No : SE-TS-PS

Product Description :

This Test Bench enables bay servicing, fault rectification and recalibration of all kinds of pressure, differential pressure and vacuum operated switches. Additionally, over pressure tests, to determine whether internal leaks exist can also be carried out on all types of switches.

Suitable for testing following Switches :

Fuel Pressure Switch : 1914A / 1-1224-V / 1-1224-BV

Oil Pressure Switch : 1914KA / 1224-KB

Differential Pressure Switch 1-1023

SEMCA Pressure Switch: 4214.

Features :

Contact closures are monitored by audio visual means.

Pressure is Indicated by parallel analog and digital gauages.

Electronic current limiting is done to protect delicate internal contacts within switches.

A direct reading differntial pressure guage is provided.

Adapters to hook the Test Bench to various pressure switches are provided.

The Test Bench can be easily adapted to test practically any pressure , differential    pressure or vacuum switch.