Test bench for Fuel Content Gauge system

Part No : SE-TS-FCG

Product Description :

The test bench for Fuel Contents Gauging System Part No: SE-TS-FCG, is a special purpose Test bench to test and service the fuel content gauging system. Test Bench consists of –

Transistorized Sensing Amplifier Box, Part No.23-02-00-000

A moving coil indicator to indicate the fuel contents in litres, Part No.23-03-00-000

A fuel sensing probe with integrally fitted low level sensor attachment, Part No. 23-    04-00-000

Features :

Testing individual sub assemblies such as probe unit, Sensing Box, Indicating Meter    and the cable assembly.

Testing the FCG system as a whole.

Test Bench has been built to withstand environmental conditions specified as under

  • a) 0°C to 55°C – Operate
  • b) 40°C at 95% RH (non condensing) – Operate
  • C) Test Bench can be stored at temperature between minus 20° C to + 70° C.