Test bench for directional gyroscopic instrument – electrically operated



Part No: SE-TS-DG

Product Description

Used for testing, trouble shooting and fault diagnosis of SFIM Gyro Magnetic Compass CG 512-3 “Associated Equipment which make the complete Gyro Magnetic Compass System such as Flux Valve, Control Box and Radio Magnetic Indicators are not required by this Test Bench to support the tests on Gyro Magnetic Compass 512-3 as all the stimuli, delivered to or emanating from the GMC 512-3 are synthetically processed digitally by Microprocessor Controlled Interface Equipment. The Test Bench has been aimed to digitally replicate the Aircraft installation of the GMC. The Test Bench is also provided with facilities for complete functionally testing and trouble shooting of electrically driven Gyroscopic Horizon SFENA.42-86-V8, Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI), Flux Valve and Control Box.


The Test Bench is capable of carrying out the following tests:


  • Testing of operation in roll pitch and yaw.

  • Testing Switching `ON’ functions, flag micro switch operation and Gyro power consumption.

  • Testing Gyro Erection angle, behavior under Vibration conditions etc

  • Caging Tests

  • Comprehensive Scorsby tests etc.


  • Operation in Gyro Magnetic Mode

  • Operation in Magnetic Heading Mode

  • Operation in Directional Gyro Mode

  • L H / R H Alignment Mode operation

  • Roll Magnetic cut off checks

  • Reliability Monitoring circuits tests

  • Start-up delay tests

  • Fast alignment – azimuth and elevation.