Starter trolley cum battery charger

Part No : TYPE ST-2A

Product Description :

THE Starter Trolley is a compact power source (equipment) for ground starting of Aero Engine of Aircraft and ground electrical equipment with inbuilt facilities for charging batteries. The Trolley supplies 24/30V DC.

Features :

This Trolley is capable of starting Helicopter engine five times (min) per charge.

The provision for mounting generator set, battery box, control panel, tool box, battery charger, fire extinguisher and    spare wheel are made.

The trolley consists of following euipment :

A C Generator

Battery Charger

Control Panel

Battery Box

A.C Generator :

The Generator supplies power to the whole system. It has a capacity rating of 2000 V A.

The engine is a 4 stroke engine air cooled petrol start / Kerosene runs type.

Battery Charger :

The Battery Charger provides required power for charging the batteries. It has output

voltage and current limit controls.