Design & Development of Smart Tools & Products in collaboration with a leading European partner:

Static Flight Simulators for civil A/c , H/c.

MEMS & Nano Sensors

Intelligent & Smart Navigation systems

Smoke detection sensors

GPS / GLONASS based vehicle tracking systems

PCI Cards (ARINC, 1553, CAN Bus)


Design, Development and Manufacturing of Static Flight Simulator (Procedural) for Civilian Aircrafts


From Fundamental R&D


To Rapid Prototyping


And Full Fledged Productization



Powerful scientific and technological platform for training and obtaining actual acquaintance with cockpit instruments. Special focus towards Flight Dynamics,    Ergonomic and Psychological Adequacies.

Possibility to intensively exercise a wide spectrum of procedures both in regular and emergency situations according to FCOM during any flight stage from taxing to    landing.

Allows to reduce time of training on FFS by up to 30%.

Comprehensive simulation of Electronic Flight Instrument Display, Navigation Displays and Engine Control and Mechanism Displays. Size of instruments, buttons,    potentiometers, etc have been made as per actual size onboard.

Comprehensive and highly realistic operation and practicing on usage of Auto-Pilot during flight.

Realistic practicing and usage of MCDU (Multi-Control Display Unit) and FMS.

Tremendously reduces time for realistic acquaintance with aircraft navigation systems and their behavior. Special focus is also given towards "Human-Machine    Interface".

Simulator has real (internationally accepted) navigation data-base (including air-corridor of selected geographical regions) allowing exercising of actual routes.

Advanced Visualization System makes it possible to analyze navigation and visual conditions during flights especially to     airfields with difficult approach as well as    airfields with difficult geographical terrains(including mountains) for efficient practicing. Possibility to integrate in the software package practically any civilian airfield    (registered in ICAO database).

Dedicated FDSI (Field Device System Integrator), CANBus Interface, RS232 and Micro-Controller for advanced state-of-the-art connection between Software and    Equipment Replicas/Control Panels.

Reliable Data communication, Data processing and Data handling between Software and Equipment Replicas/Control Panels providing realistic feel/sense of actual    movement of Joystick and Yaw Pedals, si nce the same has been integrated with the actual Mathematical and Aerodynamic Models of the aircraft.

Comprehensive and Professional Analysis of Results POST-FLIGHT is available, using in-house developed Program Algorithms duly integrated with Software Package.



Compact Size

Power through regular standard electric network, low electric power consumption.

Highly cost-effective both in terms of procurement and maintenance.

Highly rugged, simple to operate and maintain. 20+ Years Life Cycle.

Software Package is fully Open-Architecture in nature, while allowing unprecedented levels of necessary update as well as geographical/regional specific terrain    adaptation.

Actual Mathematical and Aerodynamic Model of the aircraft provides tremendous support not only for Flying and Navigation training but also for carrying out    academic as well as scientific Research and Development.

Easy hassle-free integration into canopy mock structure of the aircraft in case desired by user.

Flights can be recorded and replayed with an interior or exterior view of the aircraft for student/instructor analysis.

Possibility to build and save unlimited number of flight training scenarios.

Possibility to have back-up hard drive with operating system and simulation is included to insure maximum uptime performance.

Open architecture nature also allows for possibility to be networked for formation flying through LAN/WAN

Simple and quick installation as well as transportation.