Sea Harrier A/c

Voltage Regulator Cards

Product Description

Various Voltage Regulator Cards has been designed to use in Distance Measuring Equipment (Russian – DME) for Powering various control cards.

An 32 Aircraft Regulator Cards for Distance Measuring Equipment

Voltage Regulator Cards Y4(3-215-555)
Voltage Regulator Cards Y7(3-215-524)
Voltage Regulator Cards Y3(3-215-606)
Voltage Regulator Card Y5(3-215-525)
Voltage Regulator Card Y1(3-215-547)
PCB Program Cyclic Switch STA/168-120
PCB Over Voltage Protection Unit STA/8A6-673-398
PCB of 3TA Power Supply Unit STA/815-187-051
PCB of 3TA Power Supply Unit STA/815-087-052

Approvals :

Approved by RCMA, MIN.OF DEFENCE, Government of india. Approval No: PC-565/2 (for items Sl.No.1 to 5) & No. RCMA/059/05/TECH/LTCC (for items 6 to 9).