RPM test bench


Product Description :

The RPM test bench is a specially developed test bench with multiple capabilities. This test bench is used for servicing, rectification and recalibration of tachometer indicators and tacho generators of four different types of aircraft i.e., Avro, Canberra, Kiran MK-I, Kiran MK-II.

Rotables to be tested :

Avro ac : Generator engine speed Pl No.KGA 0409

Canberra ac : Tachometer generator KGA -0409

Kiran MK-1 ac : Tachometer generator Pet No:6A/3252, kga0701

Kiran MK-II ac : Tachometer generator Pl No: 122RV/SB

Features :

It consists of three sub-systems

  • Tacho generator CPU
  • Tachometer CPU
  • Servomotor and utility

RPM is displayed either numerically or as percentage values in aircraft indicators

Caters to variation of tachometer indicators used in same aircraft

Tacho generator CPU and Servo Motor are based on micro controlled driven DC    Servo Motor with built in optical encoder and chopped digital control (PWM)

Tachometers CPU is micro processor based, solid state with no moving parts