Rear View Camera System

The REAR VIEW CAMERA WITH MONITORING SYSTEM (RVCM) is used for getting the clearest and most accurate view of everthing behind your vehicle with this 7 inch Monitor, Rearview Camera and Auto Shutter. With a full colour and wide and view.


Rear View Camera with Auto Shutter.


Cable & Interconnecting Diagram for Rear View Camera


Assemble Rear View Camera with Monitor using Rear View Camera.

Apply continues 24V DC to 2pin Automobile male connector at cabin End.

When Reverse Gear Applied. 24V DC to 2pin Female Nylon connector at REAR END.

For Reverse Gear Simulation, apply 24v DC to 2pin Female Nylon Connector. Observe the following.

Shutter Get Open Automatically.

Monitor and Camera starts Capturing image.

Check 24 DC at 2pin Automation Female connector at REAR END.

Neutral the Reverse Gear in the Vehicle.

Check for Shutter Closing in camera and monitor display goes OFF.