Proximity Sensor Warning System

Product Description :

The Proximity Sensor provides warning to an operator of the proximate presence of obstacles to a Mining vehicle. It consists of two Sensors (front & rear) and a Monitoring unit containing visual and aural warning indicators along with associated cables. Warnings are triggered if obstacles in front & rear are in the range of 2 meters to 12 meters. Front Proximity Sensor provides warning in respect of obstacle in front. Rear Sensor gives warning in respect of rear obstacle.

Specification :

Sensitivity & detection range: 2meters to 12 meters (adjustable).

Detection of Obstacles: Metal & similar high dielectric material.

Operating frequency: 24 to 24.25 GHz.

Principle: FMCW.

Warning indicator: Visual- RedLEDs, Aural – Buzzer.

Input voltage: 12 / 24 volts DC.

Sensor: Radar based adjustable Field & Retro reflective.

Dimensions (mm): 120x 120 x70.

Environmental: Temp: -20°C to +55°C.

Damp Heat: +40°C / RH 98%

Ingress Protection: IP 67.

Standards: Complaint withIS: 13109(Mining application), JSS 55555.

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