Press to Test Warning Lamp Holder

Integral Series IE 39100 Used inChetak and Cheetah Helicopter Cockpit panel.

Optional Lens Colours: RED, GREEN & AMBER


Contact Resistance 1 ohm max @ 6 V DC 0.1 amp.
Operating Voltage 28 V DC
Insulation Resistance 20 M ohms @ 500 V DC.
Insulation Strength 1000V rms for 1 min.
Net weight 17 gms
Operating Temperature - 40°C to 85°C

Material and Finish

Body Brass, Zinc yellow plated.
Contact & Terminals Brass, Silver plated.
Insulating Sleeve, Base Nylon G/F30% . Black
Reflector & Bulb Holder Brass, Electroless Nickel plated.
Shield Neoprene, Black
Lens Holder Alluminium alloy, Anodised Black.
Lens Polycarbonate
Spring Phosphor bronze, Silver plated.