Polymer Tube Detection Systems

Fire Detec is a simple self activating system which can be installed inside closed cabins and machinery housing to detect and extinguish fire automatically at source during the initial stages of the fire. It is ideal for any application where the fire risk is within an enclosure or confined space. Fire Detec puts out fire at the source by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The application of this system includes generator rooms, machinery, electrical panels Computer Installations, etc. The system can be offered with a variety of quenching agents like Water, CO2, Foam, dry chemical powder, etc.

The tube is manufactured from specially produced polymer material to achieve the desired detection and delivery characteristics. The unique characteristics of the tube combines leak resistance, flexibility, durability and precise temperature sensitivity allowing the tube to react quickly when the heat from a fire is present. Fire Detec tube detects a fire not only at a single point but also at any place along its length (linear detection).

The extinguishing system may be used as stand alone device or can be fully integrated with an alarm system . Features like shutting of power/ fuel supply to the protected equipment can also be incorporated. These features offer early warning and significantly reduce the risk of re-ignition and avoids unnecessary damage.

Typical Applications :

Electrical Panels

a) Server Racks

b) Generators

c) Fume Cupboards

f) Kitchen Hoods

e) CNC Machines

g) Storage tanks

Technology :

A simple self-activating system designed to detect & extinguish fire automatically at source. The fire Protection system can be offered with a variety of quenching agents like Water, CO2, Foam, dry chemical powder, etc.

The Sensor tube is a special Polymer coated tube which ruptures on encountering a fire. On rupture, the pressure in the tube falls, activating the flow of extinguishing agent through the point of rupture or through a separate nozzle.

Key Advantages :

Fast, effective fire detection & suppression for individual specific to type cabinets. Installs directly inside cabinets & closer to where fire can start.

Use with CO2 / Water / Class ‘F’ extinguishing agents in 5 litre / 10 litre capacity. Adapted to conditions of high vibration and high air circulation in respect of moving vehicles.

Areas of Installation :

Suitable for installation in the following areas :-

Electrical Cabinets & other enclosed areas with high risk electrical circuitry.

Laboratory Fume cabinets & other zones at risk from chemical Combustion

CNC Machines& other high-risk Mechanical equipment.

Vehicle Engine system. Special Liquid agent to suppress oil-based fires in high air flow conditions.Sustained discharge to prevent fire re-ignition. Flexible Sensor housing to suit any engine configuration.

'PyroDeTec' Pre-engineered System :

It is an Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression system which uses C02 as extinguishing agent. Depending on the application it can be designed either as a Direct system or Indirect system.

Direct System

indirect System

Southern Electronics are the authorized solutions provider for the PyroDeTec range of products.

Application areas include :

Chemical Storage cabinets.

Flammable Liquid Storage cabinets.

Fume cupboards.

CNC & VMC Machines

Electrical Cabinets.