We design and manufacture ozone generators ranging from 1 gram per hour to 100 gram per hour(GPH) suitable for various applications.

Fully Integrated Seonics Ozonation Systems, Air Sterilizers, Ozone Monitors, Venturi Injectors and Oxygen Concentrators for Air, Water and Waste Water Treatment Applications. All our products are designed and developed in-house by our highly skilled technical team


Ozone is used in the poultry industry as air and water disinfection/treatments for the storage, incubation of eggs and breeding of healthy birds. Ozone being an effective oxidant, it is mostly used for processing, storage and transport of poultry and meat products. Ozonated water is used to feed the birds as drinking water, wash and sterilize meat and equipment's to kill harmful bacteria, virus, pathogen and deodorized the air inside poultry farm.

Benefits of Ozone :

Ozone kills a much broader spectrum of bacteria, fungus and molds, yeasts, spores and cysts with 3,000 times faster action compared to halogenated chemicals      (chorine, iodine, etc.)

Ozonated water tastes better to poultry

Accelerated weight gain by the broiler chicken

Improved egg laying output in chickens

Increased dissolved oxygen level in water which helps the birds tolerate heat

No usage of chemicals

Odour control for process area with Air Ozonator

Cold Store Rooms - Disinfect and Sterilize continuously

Ozone has been used in drinking water plants since 1906 where the first industrial ozonation plant was built in Nice, France. Water in its natural form is contaminated with a varying degree of organic materials, chemicals, metals, micro-organisms and other hazardous substances.
The use of ozone is often the only and most effective technology for providing high-quality drinking water because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities. And It can be added at several points throughout the treatment system, such as during pre-oxidation, intermediate oxidation or final disinfection.

Benefits :

Disinfection, i.e. killing of most microorganisms - bacteria, virus inactivation, elimination of cryptosporidium.

Complete removal of odors, colors, toxic substances and bad tastes.

Degradation of pesticides, pharmaceutical and other contaminants.

No harmful Tri-Halo-Methane’s formation.

Enhanced disinfection and reduction of disinfection by product.

Enhances taste of water

Removal of organic and inorganic matter

Ozone improves and Enhance Circulation, Mineral absorption, Digestion, Etc.,

Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfection agent and can be used in swimming pools to replace chlorine and bromine containing disinfection chemicals. The use of ozone prevents the formation of chlorine or bromine containing by-products, like chloramines and trihalomethanes. Ozone will even breakdown already formed unwanted chlorinated by-products. This will reduce problems with red eyes and respiration problems.

Benefits :

Effectively destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Algae and Spores.

It has 50% more disinfection potential than chlorine.

Ozone oxidizes inorganic substances such as sulphides, nitrites, and other soluble ions.

Removes Odour and Reduces Turbidity.

No harmful disinfectant by-products are formed. In addition, it adds oxygen to the water as it’s the only by-product, making pool users more fresh.

Environmentally friendly. Ozone is the most powerful and natural disinfectant.

Water use can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality.

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. Physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater without creating harmful chlorinated by-products or significant residues that is safer for the environment.

Benefits :

Ozone removes colour and odour completely

Ozone disinfects the water thoroughly from micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungus, virus etc

Ozone treatment drastically reduces BOD and COD

Removal of organic and inorganic matter

Removal of micro-pollutants, such as pesticide

Ozone is effective in a wide pH range

Ozone breaks down to oxygen-no by products

Ozone and ozone generators can be used in a wide range of air treatment applications. By using ozone and oxidation you can efficiently reduce or completely remove fat, odors, contaminants and many other substances, in various applications.

Applications :

Hotel Rooms

Garbage Rooms

A/C Cabins

Dr's Cabins

Fire Restoration

Operation Theatre


Home, Office and public spaces

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule and is very quick to chemically react with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces. The extra oxygen atom in the ozone attaches itself to other molecules, chemically changing their structure to create non-offensive molecules – eliminating the smell

Benefits :

Kills all microbes (bacteria, virus, etc.) moulds, fungus etc., in the duct

Enriches air with oxygen so that the room occupants feel energetic

Removes the closed room syndrome/ headache caused by deficiency of oxygen

Stops cross contamination / spread of air borne / transmitted diseases by Killing micro-organisms permanently

Deodorises air and does not mask odour as done by other aerosol sprays

Seonics air purifiers are free from chemicals, smoke, and can be used for Both air purification and industrial exhaust treatment

Seonics air purifier makes use of a unique system of Ozone purification Which not only removes toxins but also enriches air with pure oxygen, a Speciality given by nature only to Ozone.

Ozone technology is beginning to be used effectively in the food processing industry because of the numerous advantages it offers over traditional methods of disinfection and preservation.
The USDA (U.S Department of Agriculture) and FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) have approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for use with food processing. Ozone has been given GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval by the USDA and the FDA for direct contact with food products, including all meat and poultry products.
Ozonated water is used in a variety of operations to wash fruits and vegetables including ready to eat salad products.

Benifits :

It is safe & effective disinfectant

Removes harmful chemicals

Deodorizes Seafood and Meat

Instantly kills the fungi, mold, bacteria

Preserve fruits and veggies for longer time

Control pathogens inoculated into wounds on fruit

Reduces natural microbe populations on fresh fruit

Leaves no residual chemicals & removes residual pesticide

Removes pathogens which are harm full for human.