Linear Heat Detection Cable system


Technology :

Linear Heat Detector sensor detects heat conditions anywhere its length. The Sensor cable is a twin Steel conductorindividually insulted with Heat Sensitive Polymer. The insulated conductors are twisted together ensuring a spring pressure between them. The twisted conductors are wrapped with a protective tape and jacketed suitably to meet application.

LHD is a fixed temperature digital Sensor which initiates an alarm once its rated activation temperature is reached. At the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymer insulation yields to the pressure between the conductors, permitting them to move into contact with each other and initiating an alarm.


The LHD cable detection system would cover pre-determined hazardous area in and around places such as engine, hydraulic and transmission systems.

The main features of Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression system are :

a) Detection of over heat/fire conditions

b) Activation of a loud alarm

c) Activation of extinguishing system

d) Manual override facility

f) Option engine shutoff facility

The LHD cable routed around the hazardous area detects the fire/overheat. Upon detection, the two wire conductor of the LHD cable shorts sending a signal to a control unit. The control unit activates the audio alarm and energises the electrical valve fitted on the Nitrogen cylinder which propels the dry chemical powder by activating the CO2 cartridge. The dry chemical powder is released through the nozzles located at the pre-determined hazardous area.

Typical Applications :

Conveyor Belt Protection

Locomotive Engine Protection

Bucket Wheel Excavators

Dust Collectors


Wind Mill Fire protection

Major OEM’s: BEML, Caterpillar, KOMATSU