LCA Fire Warning System

Fire Alarm System

Light Combat Aircraft (L C A) has been fitted with high reliability Fire Detection and Warning System. The sensing component of the system is a continuous loop dual core cable, which can detect a rise in temperature and deliver a signal to the Electronic Control Unit. The sensing cable, which is nearly 20 metres long, is routed to all overheat and fire prone areas of the aircraft such as Engine shroud and bay ventilation panel.

The Control Unit constantly processes the signal received from the sensing cable and in case overheat or fire condition is signaled, it generates an alarm by visual output at the cockpit. False warning is avoided by sensing and monitoring on two lines and ANDing them electronically. Loop circuit of the sensing wire ensures survivability of the system even in case of cable break.

The sensing capability is as follows :

Overheat Alarm : 280 ± 20 degree C

Fire Alarm : 325 ± 19 degree C

System has been given Type Approval by CEMILAC, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Bangalore.

The System can be adapted to any other Aircraft or Combat Vehicle as well.

The System can also be adapted for automatic fire suppression.