Lamp Holder Edge Lighting

APM-17500 & APNR-18500 Lamp Holder Edge Lighting.Used in Cockpit Panel Illumination in MIG Aircraft

ASeries: APM CRE (N) 1657/315

ASeries: APNR CRE (N) 1657/315


Power consumpsion 1.4W @ 28V
Operating Voltage 20V AC / DC (400 Hz).
Insulation Resistance 20 M ohms @ 500V DC for 1 mit.
Insulation Strength 500V 50Hz.
Net weight 14 to 17 gms.
Operating Temperature - 60°C to + 50°C

Material and Finish

Holder,Body&Center contact,Bush & plate Brass, Silver plated.
Cap Alluminium alloy, Anodized Black.
Filter Polycarbonate-Red. 35/315 shade
Light Seal Nitrile rubber
Spring Stainless steel.
Insulator Nylon G/F 30% Black