Junction box Mobile Power supply trolley

Part No : SE-TB-JB (MPST) ALH 13524/1

Product Description :

The Mobile Power Supply Trolley is designed to provide 230V, 50Hz AC 15A/5A output to power the ground test equipment. It has a cable of 100 mtrs. length

Features :

The side panels consist of power socket 230V, 50Hz, 5pin, 5Amps on FACE-A,    230V, 50Hz, 5pin, 5Amps on FACE-B and 230V, 50Hz, 6pin, 15Amps on FACE-C.

The Line and neutral lines are taken through a 16A, MCB (Circuit Breaker) to protect    the unit from accidental short circuits.

20 sets of power sockets for 5 amps and 5 sets of power.

A Servo stabilizer is provided in order to get a constant output of 230V 50Hz AC    for a value between 230 volt ± 10% .

Easy movement in use and during transportation .