Gyro test table for turn slip indicator

Part No : SE-TS-GITT

Product Description :

The Gyro test table for turn and Slip indicator is a specially made test Bench to test, trouble shoot and rectify the following Rotables.

Turn and Slip Indicator type PW-0416, Smiths make

Gyro Horizon type 950-1, HAL Lucknow make under license.

Regulating Valve type 50, part No.26135

Features :

The Gyro Test Table consists of the following major assemblies :

a) Control and measurment unit

b) Turn table

c) Flow meter to measure air flow.

The Test bench built to withstand environmental conditions specified as under :

a) 0°C to 55°C – Operate

b) 40°C at 95% RH (non condensing) – Operate

C) Test Bench can be stored at temperature between minus 20° C to + 70° C.