Gyro instrument test set

Part No : 56 TYPE SE-UPG-56

Product Description :

GYRO INSTRUMENT TEST SET Type SE-UPG-56, is a precision microprocessor controlled instrument and replaces the Russian VINTAGE Electro-mechanical GYRO INSTRUMENT TEST SET – UPG-56 using modern technology.

This Test Set is used for testing of Gyroscopic Instruments fitted in MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-25, MIG-27, AN-32, IL-76, MI-26 Aircraft / Helicopter.

Features :

This is a Modern Micro Controller based Test Set.

Rotation in CW/ CCW Modes.

Digital Read out of Angular Velocity in Deg / Sec. in three overlapping ranges,    selected automatically.

Angular Velocity of platter from 0.1 rpm to over 34 rpm (0.6 to 200° sec.) variable.

Built-in Digital Chronometer with 0.1 second accuracy.

Independent monitoring and display of angular velocity of Platter.

Twin Shaft Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motor Prime Mover with built in reduction    Gear and Tacho-generator for Speed Sensing and error correction in one integrated    module.

SMPS Power Supply for greater energy efficiency.

Modular construction with easily accessible parts for maintenance

16 Way Commutator Rings, with Russian Type Connector Output.

Supplied along with all accessories.