Flow bench for Fuel Injector test rig

Part No : SE-TS-FFI-01

Product Description :

It is used to adjust and troubleshoot Bendix made Fuel injector type RSA SAD1 and 10 ED1 for Lycoming Aero Engines.

Features :

It consists of a Fuel sub system, Air sub system and Instrumentation and Timer sub system.

A system has been adopted to electronically measure the metered fuel flow through the injector, by timing it over an    interval to calculate the flow rate in terms of PPH.

The balance has digital readout with a maximum capacity of 2000gms and a resolution of 1gm.

The timer has a manual start and automatic stop facility at a programmable elapsed time limit.

The Bench can be modified and redesigned to make it suitable for any other fuel injector as well.