Fatigue Meter

Part No : IGM-950

Product Description :

Fatigue meter counts and records the g values, the Jaguar Aircraft is subjected to, due to Acceleration/De-acceleration of the flight. Analysis of the 'g's logged indicates the fatigue load on the aircraft structure and can be used with additional data to form a realistic statistics of airframe fatigue llfe.

Features :

The 8 counter Fatigue meter is installed on the undercarriage of the aircraft.

Functions when the landing gear is in the locked up position.

The 8 counter readouts records vertical acceleration excursion to 'g'- values as    follows : -1.5g, -0.5g, 0.25g, 2.5g, 3.5g, 5.0g, 7.0g, 8.0g.

Approvals :

Approved by CEMILAC, MIN.OF DEFENCE, Approval No: TA-1499