ECE contactor test rig Artoustee-iiib

Part No : SE – TS – ECE

Product Description :

ECE CONTACTOR test rig is designed for conducting the Performance Test. The Test rig is used for selecting and operating the different loads in the DC Load Bank.

Features :

Indicator in the Test Rig is Provided for each selection of the 28V/ 1000 A DC    Power supply, 28V/ 10A DC power supply, coil supply.

On/Off Switch and test On/Off Switch.

The Test Bench has been built to withstand environmental conditions specified as under

a) 0°C to 55°C – Operate

b) 40°C at 95% RH (non condensing) – Operate

C) Test Bench can be stored at temperature between minus 20° C to + 70° C.