Automatic Lubrication Systems

Systems can be designed up to 100 GPH and more, depending on the customer requirement.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Teflon Dielectric
  • Aluminum Finned SS-316 Electrode
  • Higher Ozone Yield
  • Faster Production
  • Improved Reliability
  • Low Cost

Technical Specifications

Model: A5
Model: A10
Model: A20
Ozone 20 GPH With 10 LPM Output 5 GPH With 3 LPM 02 (1 Electrode) 10 GPH With 5 LPM 02 (2 Electrodes) 20 GPH With 10 LPM 02 (4 Electrodes)
Input Voltage 200-250 V AC 50 Hz
Input Power 75 Watts 125 Watts 225 Watts
Feed Gas Oxygen up to 20 LPM
Feed Gas Inlet ¼” Tube Collar
Ozone Outlet ¼” Tube Collar
Operating frequency 10 – 20 kHz
Protections Input fuse, Input over/under voltage, Output over load
External Shut Down Provided through PFC contact input (normally open)
Cooling Suitable external forced air cooling to be provided by customer – temperature rise of cooling fins to be less than 50OC  above ambient under steady state condition


Application Primary purpose
Drinking water Disinfectant, Taste improvement, odour & colour removal
Swimming pools Disinfectant, Removal of turbidity, removal of inorganic and organic (partially) contaminants
Effluent treatment Colour & odour removal, BOD & COD reduction
Sewage treatment Colour & odour removal, BOD & COD reduction
Cooling towers Disinfectant
Aqua culture BOD & COD reduction, disinfectant
Food processing Disinfectant, odour & pesticide removal
HVAC Disinfectant & odour removal
Restaurant, kitchen, toilets, laundry, poultry Odour removal & disinfectant
Vegetables & meat washing Disinfectant , pesticide & odour removal
Sterilizing Disinfectant & odour removal
Domestic water treatment Disinfectant, colour (stain) & odour removal
Agriculture water treatment Germicide & pesticide