Audio Visual Alarm System

Audio Visual Alarm System

The system is manufactured and tested as per DGMS requirement mentioned in their circular No. 01/2010. Test reports will be provided along with the systems.

Technical Specifications :

Protection : The Audio Visual Alarm is water and Dust proof.

Voltage Operation: The Audio Visual Alarm operates on 10V to 24VDC.

LED Light : 300 LUX.

Sound Level : 110 DB.

The audio visual alarm is explosive proof and short circuit protection.

The fire retardant cable has been used.

Reverse Polarity protection.

Test Conducted :

Dust and Water Proof has been conducted as per IS13947/ (Part I) 1993.

Tests for Environment were conducted as per IS 13109(Part I) 1991.

a) Dry Heat Test

b) Cold Test

Vibration Test

Shock Test

Bump Test

Dry Heat Test

Drop & Topple Test.