Pre Engineered Application

Automatic Machine Tool Fire Extinguishing systems

In the Machining & Manufacturing sector, where CNC Machines are operated in high risk situations (like Tool fracture, combustible fluid lubrication / oil cooling, etc.), occurrence of fire is common. Fire Protection & Extinguishing systems designed for CNC Machines, offer a quick & efficient solution.

The Kraft & Bauer CO2 fire extinguishing system is designed for CNC Machines.

Southern Electronics (Bangalore) are the authorized marketing, servicing & AMC providers for Kraft & Bauer GmbH range of Microprocessor controlled automatic Fire protection extinguishing systems for Machine Tool industry.

Kraft & Bauer GmbH is a leading supplier of Fire Protection Extinguishing System for Machine Tool industries, globally. The microprocessor controlled fire extinguishing systems have a wide range of applications and can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Smart detection & extinguishing system

This system uses both Ultra-violet / Infrared flame detectors along with adjustable thermal heat sensors to detect precisely the source of rise in fire temperature /flame development. Upon detection of fire, the smart detector automatically signals the Microprocessor control system to release the Co2 extinguishing agent to quickly douse the fire at source. This is followed by automatic switching off of the Machine.

Optical fire fighting with kraft & Baeur

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